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This library introduces a unified optimization framework for static and dynamic geometry processing based on [1] and [2]. This library comes from an effort to make research reproducible and to transfer knowledge and technology.

This project is jointly developed by the following contributors:

The library is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License v. 2.0. You can obtain a copy of the MPL2 at

Compilation and Installation

Compilation under Unix and Mac.

Install CMake ( and Eigen ( using your favorite package manager. Then in the main repository type:

After building the library, you can generate the documentation by typing:

To generate the documentation first install Doxygen ( You will also need to have Bibtex and Perl available to get the bibliography compiled.

Compilation under Windows.

Download and install CMake ( and Eigen (

More details on the different compilation options.

For more details on the different compilation options see libShapeOp.

Documentation about the Libary and the Different Applications